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The Heart Energy by Tobias Lars

The Heart Energy!

THE ENERGY OF OUR HEARTS – the actual quantum electro magnetic and bio chemical ‘fields’ that are generated by our Hearts – are A KEY, A CENTRAL ‘SOURCE’ POINT in our whole Being.


Only focusing on ‘Scient-ism’ and mind under-standing (standing under!) will not Heal us, make us Whole – (‘Holy’) again. My Nuclear Physicist father taught me through allowing me to see into his world of scientists that the Mind-’brilliant intelligence’ is not enough and needs the Heart in order to have a Balanced  Healed-Whole Human.

THE HEART is THE CENTER of the Being, of our Body – It is the ‘key’, the Activator, the Initiator – the Portal from where God-Source Flows through Us.

Without THE HEART ENERGIES HEALED – and the Mind, the Physical connected with our EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL Bodies – we cannot function. Period.  OUR HEARTS MUST BE RE-AWAKENED and HEALED for there to be a healthy functioning Creation with us as the ‘god humans’ in it.

That’s what  ‘THE HEART ENERGY Process’ will show you – give you a conscious method for learning again how to allow The Heart to function as it was meant to – you will FEEL and be able to CONSCIOUSLY WORK WITH YOUR HEART ENERGIES again.

THAT’S WHAT YOU’LL DO and Learn with this process.


A onetime $69.95 will give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to this VIDEO of Tobias Lars guiding you through The Heart Energy Process – one of the MOST POWERFUL PROCESSES for direct personal experience of a real SPIRITUAL AWAKENING available today. THE  BALANCED HEALED OPEN HEART  in a human is Pivotal – Central – Essential to have healed so that it functions in an energetically balanced way. And only a BALANCED OPEN HEART will give us a real chance at an EnJoyable life and a healthy Creation.

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